Past lives – why do they matter?

Has your Soul lived before? What is reincarnation and epigenetics? Why do I feel like I’ve known you before? or why do I feel a certain pull or knowing to a city or country? Is there an emotional or bodily reaction that seems to not fit with a situation? Do you have recurring dreams that just seem so real?

Reincarnation is a core belief of many religions: Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and some orthodox Jews believe that after death, a non-physical part of a person can be reborn into another physical body. This was also a core belief of many ancient cultures and religions, such as the Egyptians, Romans, Pagans, Taoists and Aztecs.

My belief is that after death, our Soul chooses to either walk a lifetime in Spirit, supporting someone born into body or it can choose to be reincarnated into another lifetime in a physical body. Whichever they choose, they will be presented with opportunities to learn lessons and grow. They can make mistakes and amend for them. They can meet with other Souls who are destined to be in their lives again and again. These are the people whom we meet where there is such a strong pull, you just know that you are meant to get to know them.

Many do not believe in reincarnation, and I have absolute respect for their beliefs. There is an explanation that can still be considered – epigenetics. Epigenetics is a scientific field that studies genes and how they work and change over generations. Trauma from our grandparents (such as experiencing famine) can be passed onto subsequent generations. It makes sense when you think about it – a newborn female child is born with all the egg cells she will ever produce. This means that you were present as an egg when your grandmother was pregnant with your mum. That concept just amazed me when I first heard it! This is how experiences from generations before us can affect our lives and how we react today.

For more information about epigenetics there is a great website that simply explains this scientific theory:

My experience of past lives

I started to be aware of my past lives in dreams. They were dreams that just felt different from the normal “sorting out stuff” dreams. I woke from these knowing they were Soul memories. Sometimes these dreams showed me tiny fragments of a life and others I dreamed of a whole lifetime of experiences. I had amazing past life experiences when I did a guided regression during my Reiki masters training and also during a breathwork session with my mentor Shawna Barber (see my community page for her details).

This past month my Soulful Sewing Circle has been exploring their past lives and ancestral lines. I have guided them through a meditation to follow their Soul light back to previous lives. This was done in a safe and supported way, where they entered the past as an observer, not as the participant, knowing that anything they experienced would not hurt them in this lifetime.

Exploring past lives can be confronting and scary. There is often traumatic events that have taken place, and even a ‘pleasant’ death can be scary to experience. If you want to explore your past lives, please do so in a supported environment where an experienced and compassionate practitioner can hold space for you.

So why explore past lives? What relevance do they have to what I am learning today?

Knowledge of past lives gives you the ability to look objectively at your energy, and its physical and emotional manifestations that you carry with you in this lifetime. It allows you to question:

What still serves me now? How does this energy/fear/emotion/practice protect me?

What is no longer needed? Maybe a fear or irrational behaviour had a good explanation in a different lifetime but is actually not serving you now, or may even limiting your growth.

Is there somewhere I feel at home? or is there a calling to be doing something?

Where do I feel especially connected to Spirit? Where was this in the past and is it the same now?

What messages can I learn from these past lifetimes? What knowledge can my ancestors or my past teach me?

This is the work that has come from the last month working with my Soulful Sewing Circle. It is the completed patched square representing five of my past lives. I’ve been taught many things about how my body reacts in different situations, why I’ve experienced physical and emotional pain this lifetime and recognised where my strengths are.

Can you guess what I experienced in the five lifetimes represented above? I’d love to hear your guesses.

Also please share in comments about any past lives that you’ve experiences.

Namaste, Tori

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