Creativity, Clarity and Soulful Purpose

I create and hold space for individuals to find and honour their true soul’s purpose. Using loving, spiritual practises and down-to-earth practical and creative therapies, I will help you to gain the clarity, direction and inspiration you are seeking to grow into your greatest potential.

We all have our own unique story to tell. Our own spirit. The aspirations we hold and challenges we face, are seen through a lens tinted by our past patterns and belief systems. It is the sum of these parts that form who we are, how we show up and what we bring to each piece of our life. From our line of work and our relationships, right through to how we treat our own self. Our past, subconsciously informs our future.

I work with individuals who are feeling stuck or are simply on the quest for something more. More direction, more clarity, more inspiration or more kindred support to grow into their greatest potential. Using an affable range of offerings, we will work together gently within your own spiritual framework. Exploring your strengths and passions to build resilience and self-esteem and uncover any blocks or belief systems that may no longer be serving you.

Guided by intuition and Spirit, each session will be individual to you. Together, we will trust and explore the experiences you need, in order to grow emotionally and bloom spiritually; uncovering a soul-full life.

My Soulful offerings:

Transformation readings: Using Zerner & Faber tarot cards and guided by Spirit, I will guide you through your unique story. Find clarity, direction and Soulful purpose.

Little stitchers: sewing classes for children aged from 7 years old. Small sized classes, gentle guidance and individual attention. Helping your child connect to their creativity and joy.

Sewing circle: ; Explore ~ guided meditations to explore all aspects of your life: past, present and future; Create ~ create a patchwork square to represent each part of your unique life story, stitch these together to create a quilt to embrace your past, celebrate the now and manifest the future: Connect ~ inclusive and supportive, a safe place to be yourself and belong.

Creative mentoring: I hold space for you to explore your life, ease through transitions and find a Soulful purpose and direction, with guidance from Spirit, and using creative arts modalities.

Custom designs and 1:1 sewing: I work with individuals to create their individual vision for them or to guide them in 1:1 lessons, to be able to create and sew their own designs.