Soulful Giving

Marsupial Pouches and Bat wraps ~ November 2019

After the devastating bushfires throughout NSW, Queensland and SA, there was a call go out on social media from a group of people wanting to help wildlife carers. They desperately needed pouches for their injured and orphaned marsupials (including possums, wallabies and kangaroos). They also needed bat wraps for the little bat orphans.

On Facebook: animal rescue collective These wonderful people flew into action and organised collection hubs in each state where sewists and crafters could send or drop off their items. They then transported them directly to the carers who needed them.

I started sewing some pouches and then some of my little stitchers asked if they could help too. Between several of my little stitchers classes and a working bee (where we were joined by Mum Emma and Nanna Mandy) we proudly sent off 16 bat wraps, 12 different sized pouches and 36 liners.

I plan to continue this as there is ALWAYS a need for these items, not only during a bushfire emergency. If you’d like to come and help, just drop me an email and we can find time to sew together.

Hands with hands – Nepal

(ongoing support)

10% of the payments from the Soulful Sewing Circle and the Family Love Quilt workshops each year are donated to this wonderful charity.

Hands With Hands provides micro-financing loans which are making a considerable difference to lives of the poorest people in Nepal. These loans help people to break out of the poverty cycle. and gain financial independence. What has been most touching is the community spirit and empowerment of the women that they have witnessed, often benefiting not only their families but also the wider community in which they live. Hands with Hands currently have more than 1000 Nepali women (& a few men!) benefiting from their microfinance outreach project.

Some of the projects that the Hands with Hands micro-finance loans support include:

  • buying goats or pigs to breed and sell
  • purchasing sewing machine to make clothing and sell
  • purchasing stock to establish small road-side store
  • acquiring materials to make blessing boxes for temple visits
  • acquiring materials to make carpets and matting
  • setting up a small eating/tea house

Bears to Vietnam ~ 9th May 2019

How many bears can fit in a box?
Well, 17 bears fitted into this one!
These beautiful bears were all made with love by my sewing students and are now heading to Vietnam to the Sunshine children’s home and medical centre. 
We hope they bring love and comfort to their new owners 

Quilts for Nepal ~ 26th April 2019

I’ve just returned from our holiday in Nepal. Such a beautiful country, welcoming, friendly people, so colourful – the houses, the beautiful saris, the trucks. I could easily have stayed and lost myself there!
These are the photos of our visit to Annapurna children’s home. This is run by a beautiful caring “house mama” Sarada who’s heart just glows with pride as she talks about the children in the home. This home supports children to go to local private schools (one girl has graduated and completed a nursing degree and now works in the local hospital), teaches them farming skills on their organic farm and will be working with local architects to build their new home, enabling them to move out of this rented premises. 
I donated all of the quilts that we’ve completed in our classes here. They were so welcomed as it gets very cold in their winter season. 
Please consider supporting this organisation run by an amazing Australian woman Kira Kay. She also supports schools in other parts of Nepal and runs local women’s programs too.