Custom designs and 1:1 sewing lessons

This page proudly displays the 1:1 sewing lesson creations and the unique projects I have been involved in creating. I work with companies and individuals to make their vision come to life by understanding their needs, and individually fitting their clothing or costume.

I mentor people in 1:1 sewing lessons to create their own special unique costume or clothing item. I have also worked with small groups or individuals to create an individual program of meditations and mentor them through the making of a family story quilt.

Please contact me (using this form) to discuss any project you have in mind and we can work out an affordable plan to suit you.

The Amazing drumming monkeys

Meet Kiiko! This adorable girl is the newest member of the Amazing Drumming Monkeys. Bongo has also had a makeover and is now full of energy and ready to dance. Keep an eye on our website as Congo will be getting a makeover soon too!

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A dress perfect for a princess

Melanie came to me with an idea and a very complex pattern. Together we shopped for all the pieces she needed and I went step by step through the pattern and sewing steps with her. Together we made this gorgeous Merida costume (Disney princess from Brave). Melanie proudly wore this to her brother’s 21st costume party.

Rommy’s Skirt

Rommy is a mum of one of my sewing class students and asked if I could also teach her to sew. She wanted to make a skirt to wear to the 65 Roses ball. She had a photo of a skirt she liked but couldn’t find to buy. Together we chose a pattern, modified it to fit Rommy and her vision, then I guided Rommy through making the skirt – she sewed it all herself. Doesn’t the skirt and Rommy look just stunning!

Custom fur-baby coats

These gorgeous coats were made for a couple of very special puppies.

Lucy put in an order for an Indie-style coat. This one is made from up-cycled denim, donated fabric and re-purposed jeans. Lucy loves her snuggly new jacket and looks super cool too!

Ronni is a gorgeous, goofy greyhound who put in an order for a couple of coats. The blue flowered one was made with upcycled, blockout curtain fabric and lined with fleece to keep her both dry and warm. The purple one is her favourite as her Mummee loves elephants! It’s also made with up-cycled fabric and fleece.

Oz Comic-con Costumes

Katy and Iman made Kirito and Asuna costumes for the 2017 Oz Comic-con in Sydney. Katy op-shopped for the basic white dress, a red sheet and a black coat. Together, we dismantled the dress and re-made the items into these awesome costumes. This was Katy’s first time using a sewing machine – I think you can agree that she did an amazing job!

studio 20 sewing program

I run a really fun sewing program with Studio 20 in Aldinga (Onkaparinga Youth) and in 2018, the kids were all attending the Onkaparinga Council Christmas Pageant with a float theme of birds. This is Craig, who runs the centre, dressed as a duck. This costume was so much fun to make – I love being able to run wild with creativity!

jessie sparkles

This Is Jessie “Sparkles” (as my husband has nicknamed her). Jessie and her friends have had these great costumes made to stand out from the crowds at the Kylie and Lady Gaga concerts they’ve attended.

Starlets SA

Miss Julie-Anne has often come to me with an idea for costumes or for stage props for herself and her talented students. It’s so much fun working her; letting the imagination, creativity, glitter and fairy dust flow. I love creating these unique costumes for Starlets SA which really sparkle on-stage.