Soulful Sewing Circle

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The Soulful Sewing Circle will bring you together with a group of women, to explore your life and the events that have made you a unique Soul. We will also dream into the future you wish to manifest. Through meditation, visualisation, sharing and support, you will create a series of stitched fabric picture squares that you can then sew together into a patchwork quilt, as individual and beautiful as you are. 


Guided meditations to explore all aspects of your life: past, present and future


Create a patchwork story square to represent each part of your unique life,
stitch these together to create a quilt to embrace your past, celebrate the now and manifest the future.


Inclusive and supportive;
A safe place to be yourself and belong. Connect and grow alongside other like-minded Souls

What’s included in the 8 month Journey:

Monthly Meditation and Sewing

Each month, our circle starts with a guided meditation, followed by journaling and drawing the images. You will be concentrating on a different life theme each month: Past life release, childhood, the maid, the mother, the crone and the catalyst. There will be time to share with the group members (just share what you are comfortable with, no pressure or judgements here). Once we have our images we will each design, create and stitch together a fabric collaged patch. If many different images that come through for one theme and you can divide the patch square into several different parts to portray all these elements. You are free to create your quilt your way. You will use a combination of hand embroidery, applique and machine stitching techniques to bring your patch to life. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to sew, that’s what I’m here for! I will help you step-by-step through all the different stitches and techniques. Once you have completed the 8 month Soulful Sewing Circle journey, you will have 8 large quilt squares, sewn together into a quilt, perfect for topping your bed or snuggling up on a sofa with. The squares could also be finished as cushion covers or wall art – the choice is yours. A recording of monthly meditations is also provided to each member.

One Sunday per month for 8 months: 10am – 5pm

support and sharing

Each Circle is limited to only 4 members. This is to keep it an inclusive, supportive group, where we will feel safe to share our insights and growth with each other. Members will also be provided with access to a closed facebook group so we can continue to share our progress, inspiration and further discoveries throughout the month.

Payment inclusions and payment plan options

$2000 is the investment for the full 8 month journey, which includes 6 hours each month of the Soulful Sewing Circle with all materials provided to create your entire story quilt, access to the recording of monthly meditations and a closed facebook group for sharing and support. 

A weekly or monthly payment plan can be arranged. Please message me to arrange this option: email or phone/message 0403990889.


I can’t sew? Can I still join this group?

This group is fully inclusive – you don’t need to have any previous sewing, art or meditation experience, all I ask is that you show up and be open to exploration, growth, connection and fun. Trust that you have found a place that you can learn and grow. My sewing machines have speed control, so you can slow down the sewing speed until you gain confidence. They also have hand or foot controls so are suitable for people with disabilities too.

Would you like another reason to join the Soulful Sewing Circle?

I donate 10% of the fees to a micro-financing program in remote areas of Nepal. So far over 700 women have directly benefited from this program, receiving education and small loans to enable them to become self-employed.

What if I don’t think one of the themes apply to me?

If you haven’t yet reached to one of the life stages  (for example the crone, who is the elder, the wise woman, the sage), during the meditation we will explore the symbolism of each stage and how it applies to your life now. We will also dream and vision to the future, which can then manifested by stitching it into your quilt. 

If you have not or do not intend to have children, that’s ok; we all have an inner child who needs to be heard and nurtured, we also nurture others. The Mother is a month to explore and express how we nurture, how are we of service to ourselves and others. The symbolic Mother protects, sets boundaries, works hard and most of all gives love.

What should I bring to the event?

You don’t need to bring anything! Refreshments and all creative materials are supplied. However if there is a special momento you’d like to add to your quilt or a journal you like to draw or write in, please bring that along. Also let me know if you have any dietary allergies or requirements, or if there are any medical or physical disabilities that require extra support. 

What’s the refund policy?

You will receive a full refund if you cancel 2 weeks before the start of the 8 month journey.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No, I will have all your registration info from your booking

Can I update my registration information?

Yes. Please contact me directly or just update your info on Eventbrite. 

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

You are able to buy a ticket to gift to a friend, but once you’ve registered and attended the first circle session, then the membership is not transferable. This is to ensure that the Soulful Sewing Circle becomes a safe and supportive group where every member can trust enough to share and be open.  

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please contact me with any questions at all:

Text or phone: 0403 990 889


Facebook/messenger: click here to go to facebook page