Soulful Transformation Readings

We are all Spiritual beings; Souls connected by threads, to each and every other Soul, past, present and future. We all have our own unique story to tell.

As a Reiki master and a Soul Journey Guide, I will help you to discover your Soul’s journey, and guide you through your past, present and future possibilities, with Spirit, loving energy, as well as down-to-Earth, practical ways of moving forward. I will also help you to connect to those Spirits who are guiding you through this lifetime. I use the beautiful, feminine Zerner & Faber tarot cards and a textile-collaged Tree of Life cloth, to weave your story whilst channelling Spirit and gentle Reiki energy. You can also expand your exploration and understanding by working with art therapy, counselling and interactive drawing therapy techniques.

I believe that there is reason and purpose for every Soul’s journey on Earth. I help clients to work with their past to discover why they think and act the way they do and to realise their strengths and skills that they can work through future issues. I love being the connection or inspiration for people to start their own spiritual exploration.

I honour and work within your own Spiritual framework, to help you discover why you have your patterns and beliefs. I will also challenge you to grow or change if these patterns are no longer serving you.


Working with Tori was inspirational and so much fun! She is skilled, compassionate, creative and deeply intuitive. Her gifts to me were clarity, confidence and trust in my soul purpose. ~ Michele

True to her word, Tori wove together my past, present and future seamlessly during my Soul Journey reading. Spirit was certainly working through her during our session as my life was laid out in a way of undeniable Truth. I gained clarity and received messages about my current situation and future path. I also experienced validation of messages I’ve been receiving from Spirit, which felt affirming and comforting. Thank you Tori! ~Shawna

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