Family day


Saturday 1st June was Family Day for our family. It’s a celebration of how we came to be and how we have grown together.

This is what I wrote early that morning:

I wake this morning listening to trams passing outside our window and realise that I’m not at home in McLaren Vale. However I have such a deep sense of being home. In the little apartment we are staying in, is my family; those humans that mean more to me than any thing else in this life. These people are my home.

This family was completed 10 years ago, but the essence of it started in my teens. That was when I met Scotty. He was the one whom I was able to see the vision of what was to come (he still is). From that time on, I had dreams of my family. I felt like I was calling in the Souls that were meant to be together. I couldn’t have told you then of the amazing journey it took me on, but when I look back now it is with a sense of ‘rightness’ and connection. I can see and feel the threads that join my Soul to theirs.

Over the last 33 years, I met my husband, grew up as my parents and siblings moved overseas to Hong Kong, grew up even more when Scotty and I lived in separate states – that was when he asked me to marry him! That was very quickly followed by our first daughter. Our family grew as our next child, a son, Liam was born into Spirit. Our third child, another daughter was born only 9 months later and Liam has walked beside her since.

With 2 beautiful girls, we thought our family was complete. But then the dreams started again. It was always the same, a face of a little child. For months she visited me in dreams. Finally I asked this dream child who she was.
“I am your daughter” she replied.
“What? How?”I replied, stunned.
“You are going to adopt me”, she simply said.
Well, that was an unexpected plot twist….
And so began our next adventure – 3 years navigating SA and HK social services, led us to daughter number 3. I’ll never forget the day I sat in the office to be shown the photos of our child… Was she the one? Will she be the dream child? I was so nervous. As soon as the first photo was laid upon the table in front of us, I was in tears. IT WAS HER 💖

10 years on and we are well and truly a family. We argue, we niggle, we know each other’s buttons and how to press them, but we also love each other, feel safe to share all parts of ourselves, to be entirely who we are, warts and all, and know that we will still be accepted and loved. Family will cheer for each other, encourage and push each other. They are there to catch you when you fall, to hug you and set you back on your feet again. I am so blessed to be a part of my family and wouldn’t change anything, even the really bad days! It has made me who I am today 💙

Happy Family Day 💙💙💙💙💙


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